Renobac TM    extends this offer to operators and partners who wish to utilize their Tri-Axle Roll-Off Trailer to its’ full potential.  All for the good and prosperity  of  their  new  business  venture.
The multi-functional trailer increases competitiveness for operators by allowing them to respond to a variety of needs in the:  construction, renovation and related industries.
By using a wide range of Roll-Off accessories, we can help you achieve your goals by Diversifying Revenue Streams.


Ask about our NEW enhanced start-up package, including:


- One Tri-Axle Roll-Off trailer

- Six nestable renovation and garbage collection containers

- Three moving & storage containers (Renobox)

- One multi-use flatbed.


Introducing the Storage & Moving containers of Renobox


Storage & Moving containers

With our NEW business start-up packages, our operators can tap into today’s fast growing and diverse markets.  These heavy-duty storage containers can transform into refrigerated units, VIP washrooms and much more ...

We have identified four profitable target markets :





__- Moving services

__- On site and Off site storage

__- Disaster recovery services

__- Special Events




Multi-use flatbed platform:


The RENOBAC™ business opportunity is further enhanced by adding our flatbed platform to provide operators with versatile transportation solutions.


______Available sizes:

______14' x 8'

______16' x 8'





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RENOBAC™'s tri-axle roll-off trailer:



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Our nestable containers



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The"Roll-Off" conversion kit for small trucks.



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Available accessories:


- 10 to 20 cu. yd. containers

- 16 ft. flatbed platform

- Liquid tanks & spreaders

- Concrete mixers

- And many more...