Roll-off Equipment


Our equipment package includes a trailer and a set of nestable containers.


The Tri-Axle roll-off trailer:

The RENOBAC™ exclusive Tri-Axle trailer is simply the most reliable and heavy-duty roll-off trailer in the industry. We have been developing our equipment for over six years now, and during that time have implemented many improvements in order to reach the highest levels of quality.

Our trailers are manufactured according to the North-American Roll-Off Standards, allowing you to generate different revenue streams through the use of different accessories.


The Tri-Axle roll-off trailer:

RENOBAC™'s nestable containers:

We manufacture nestable containers in order to help operators reduce their operation costs by enabling them to transport two containers at a time. This feature also allows them to service the recycling industry with increased efficiency.






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RENOBAC™'s tri-axle roll-off trailer:



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Our nestable containers



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The"Roll-Off" conversion kit for small trucks.



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Available accessories:


- 10 to 20 cu. yd. containers

- 16 ft. flatbed platform

- Liquid tanks & spreaders

- Concrete mixers

- And many more...