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Looking for a new business opportunity

Start your own successful rental company today with RENOBAC™ and get quickly into the booming renovation and recycling markets. You will benefit from a complete package, from equipment to sales and makteing support that has so far brought success to over 75 small business established all across Canada.

  • Looking for a new business opportunity?
  • You already have a pick-up or able to drive it (no special permit required)?
  • You're willing to start a new busniness, but not sure where to start?

CONTACT US TODAY to see how renobac can make you a entrepreneur into the next weeks!

Mobile Storage, Containers, Roll-Off

For all indoor or outdoor storage needs, for moving or simply for general light transport, the Renobox mobile storage units is your safe, effective and affordable solution.

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Since the launch of the RENOBAC business opportunity, our nestable renovation containers became the leading flagship in the booming Canadian waste management & recycling industries.

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Today, versatility has a trademark, and it's RENOBAC. Thanks to the Roll-Off multi-functional transport flat deck, not only will operators be able to diversify their offer, but they will also be able to adapt to the market demand.

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Visit www.renobox.net