Business Opportunity Benefits


High profit potential:



The RENOBAC™ concept can generate a 75,000$ profit after only one year of operating and you could reach a 200,000$ profit in the third year.

RENOBAC™ is not a franchise, it’s even better:

Although we’ll support you through the first crucial steps of your business start-up, we will not charge you royalties or other franchise-related fees.


Entrepreneurial advanatges

Being your own boss allows you to manage the growth of your venture at your own pace and to set your own schedule. You can also reduce your operation cost because no employees are required.


The RENOBAC™ concept is an ideal business opportunity for young retirees and women, Because a minimum amount of physical effort is required.


Operation cost control


Benefits from this business opportunity

Our Tri-Axle Roll-Off trailer and nestable containers have been soyez-votre-propre-patrondesigned to reduce operation costs to a minimum and to protect your client's property from customary damage. You'll always be able to offer a high level of customer service and very competitive prices..




* With the growth of the company, calculated over a period of 3 years.

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Live the freedom of being your own boss with the RENOBAC™ business concept.
Tap into a constantly growing market.


According to the Canadian mortgage and housing corporation (CMHC),40% of Canadian owners renovate their homes each year.

(comparatively to 5% in 2004)


In addition, the CMHC specifies that the amount invested in home improvement rise from 2 500$ in 2005 to 12 800$ in 2008!